Food for Futures Christmas Menu is Here!

Food for Futures Christmas Menu is here!

YWCAs across Australia are ONE

Today begins a new era for the YWCA. YWCA is now cemented as a leading national feminist organisation with a united voice to ensure all women, young women and girls are safe and respected, with equal access to power, opportunity and resources.

World YWCA Day 24 April 2018

Every year on April 24, YWCA’s around the world celebrate World YWCA Day. 

It’s a day to observe our common membership and achievements in a movement that advances the human rights and leadership of women, young women and girls. It’s also a time to recognise our movement’s efforts in creating positive change for all women around the world. 

In keeping with this years’ theme, ‘Find Your Voice, Share Your Story’ YWCA Darwin would like to share our stories with you.

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